EEOC Policy Statement and Employment Process at CCDJFS


Once you have reviewed the Job Opportunity page you may have interest in a specific position here at our agency.  The process is simple.  Navigate through the Job Opportunities page and complete the CCDJFS Job Application, e-mail that application along with your most current resume and cover letter to: or mail the application and all relevant attachments to Columbiana County Dept. of Job & Family Services, 7989 Dickey Drive, Ste. 2, Lisbon, Ohio 44432. employment application


CCDJFS and the Columbiana County Board of Commissioners are an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Consideration is given in the development of the application form to a person's rights to individual privacy and equal opportunity.  The information requested is needed to assist our office in assessing a person's employment interests and qualifications.  Consideration for employment may be denied if the application form is not completed accurately and in its entirety.  Applications lacking sufficient information will be rejected.  It should be noted that all applications, once submitted to the CCDJFS, will become a public record. 

State and Federal laws prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin and ancestry, sex, age and disability.