Prevention, Retention and Contingency

Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC) is a program designed to assist low income families in overcoming immediate barriers to achieving or maintaining economic self – sufficiency, thereby preventing the need for ongoing public assistance.   

Who is eligible for PRC services?

A unit for the purpose of determining eligibility for the PRC Program is defined as:

  • Needy families with minor children
  • Individuals that are pregnant 
  • Non-Custodial Parties, residing in Columbiana County, who have a legal obligation to pay child support to a child that resides in another home in Columbiana County.

Some types of services that are offered.

  • Utilities with disconnection
  • Purchase of bulk fuel for heating
  • First month rent/deposit to move from unsubsidized to subsidized housing
  • Job preparation services
  • Gasoline vouchers
  • Diversion benefits
  • Lice kits

Download the PRC Application

Download the List of Services 

Download the Columbiana County PRC Plan

Download the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines

Columbiana County Department of Job and Family Services

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