Items for Sale

In accordance to the CCDJFS procurement policy, equipment and supplies no longer of use to the Agency may be sold to the general public.

Sale items will be posted on our website and open for bid for a period of seven (7) calendar days. Anyone interested in purchasing a sale item must complete a Sale Bid Sheet and submit it to the CCDJFS within the seven (7) calendar day bidding time frame. The bidding period will be closed at the end of the seven (7) days.

All Sale Bid Sheets will be date stamped upon receipt. All Sale Bid Sheets received via the U.S. Postal Service within three (3) calendar days of the close of the bid will be accepted as on time. The highest bid for the sale item will be granted the sale.

Winning bidders will be notified by phone. The winning bidder must pay the CCDJFS by cash or money order within five (5) calendar days of when the bid closed.

Should a winning bidder fail to pay for an item within five (5) calendar days, the second highest bidder will be given the option to purchase the sale item. If there is no second bidder or the second bidder does not wish to purchase the sale item, then the sale item will be posted as open for bid for an additional seven (7) calendar days.

Please use one Sale Bid Sheet per item number


There are no items for sale at this time.