Ohio Works First (OWF)


Work Experience Program

Work Required Recipients of OWF cash assistance are required to complete hours each week in an activity that will enhance their employment skills. These assignments could include education of job skill training or basic job experience skills. Those who are physically or mentally unable to participate are assigned to an alternative program that will prepare them to become employed or to enter an educational program.

Education and Training

The purpose of the Education and Training (E and T) component, is to increase a participant’s employability potential. An assessment of the recipients’ basic skill level, interest and motivation in securing education and/or training; the recipients’ marketable skills as well as other factors is done to determine if the E and T component is the best plan for the recipient to achieve self support.

Three types of programs are available:

  • Basic Education
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Job Skill

Learning, Earning and Parenting Program (LEAP)

The Learning, Earning and Parenting Program will provide pregnant teenagers and teenage parents extra OWF cash. A $62.00 bonus may be added to the grant if pregnant teenagers, or teenage parents living with their children, stay in school, go to classes regularly and/or participate in a general equivalency diploma (GED) program. Teenagers participating in LEAP may also be eligible for Child Care and Transportation. Teenagers who do not participate when required will have money deducted from their cash grant.