Procurement of goods and services is conducted in a manner that provides maximum open and free competition for every purchase sought.

Methods of Procurement

The CCDJFS uses one of four methods of procurement when purchasing supplies, equipment and services:

Small Purchases

Purchases costing more than $10,000.00 but less than $50,000.00. The CCDJFS obtains at least three (3) price quotes. Purchases are awarded based on costs, delivery time, administrative emergency, transportation costs and product availability. Once a purchase is awarded; that procurement is used for twelve months before another assessment of costs is made.

If you are a vendor and wish to be added to our list of contacts for procurement of small purchases; please contact either Susan Hawkins at phone number 330-420-6674 or e-mail or Sheila Coontz at phone number  330-420-6680 or e-mail


Competitive Sealed Bids

Also known as formal advertising. This method of procurement is used for purchases costing $50,000.00 or more and when selection of a purchase can be made principally on the basis of price. To view more information and current sealed bids, please visit the RFP’s/Sealed Bids page.

Competitive Proposals

Also referred to as RFP (Request for Funding Proposal). This method is used for purchases costing $50,000.00 or more. To view more information and current RFP’s, please visit the RFP’s/Sealed Bids page.

Noncompetitive Proposals

This procurement method is only used when the award of a contract is infeasible under small purchase procedure, competitive sealed bidding or competitive proposals and only one source of the product or service exists or public exigency or emergency will not permit the delay, which would result from competitive solicitation.