Seek Work

The Columbiana County Child Support Enforcement Agency offers a 12 month Seek Work Program for Non-Custodial Parties who are unemployed or under-employed. The Seek Work Coordinator works closely with the Non-Custodial Parties who have been ordered into the program by the courts.

Goals of the Seek Work Program:

  • Assist participants in identifying and overcoming barriers that prevent them from becoming successfully employed.
  • Assist participants in obtaining employment that will enable them to make regular Child Support payments.

Responsibilities and Requirements for Seek Work Participants:

  • Attend all scheduled Seek Work appointments
  • Contact the Seek Work Coordinator as instructed
  • Complete and return the Job Search Logs as instructed
  • Register for and participate in all employment search programs available through Ohio Means Jobs

Responsibilities of the Seek Work Coordinator:

  • Provide clear and complete instructions and expectations to all Seek Work Participants
  • Provide assistance to the Participants in registering with Ohio Means Jobs
  • Provide resource material and referral information to participants to assist them in overcoming personal barriers to employment
  • Provide and monitor all Seek Work Job Logs
  • Provide clear and accurate participation information to the Courts prior to each participants' scheduled hearings