A child becomes available for adoption through the Columbiana County Department of Job and Family Services, through an order of Permanent Custody granted by Columbiana County Juvenile Court.  Once the child is in the permanent custody of Columbiana County Department of Job and Family Services, they are legally free to be adopted.

A family is the most important thing a child can have.  Every child has a right to a permanent family. A family to love, care for and keep the child safe.  Currently in Columbiana County there are children who need adoptive families. These children are older and sometimes part of a sibling group. They are all in need of a forever family.  

Currently, Columbiana County Children Services is working with Wendy’s Wonderful Kids recruiting for families that are able to open their homes and hearts to one of our children. 


5 FAQ’s on adoption

1: What do I have to complete to become an adoptive parent?
You must complete a foster to adopt homestudy. CCDJFS foster/adoptive home assessors try their best to complete the foster to adopt homestudies as quick as possible. There are multiple items that must be completed in order to become a foster to adopt parent. To discuss these, please contact Tina Deal-Hendon at 330-420-6610.
2: How much does it cost to adopt?
If you are adopting a special needs child through CCDJFS, most related costs such as attorney fees, court fees, medical fees, and other fees, can be reimbursed to you through Non-Recurring Adoption Expenses. If you are adopting a child that is not special needs, you will be responsible for these costs.
3: Can I adopt if I am a single parent?
Yes. You can adopt if you are single, married, divorced, living with a significant other, etc. All household members must be included on your foster to adopt homestudy.
4: How long does it take to adopt?
Once you are approved for adoption and a child has been placed into your home, the child must live with you for a minimum of six months before you can adopt.
5: Do you have babies to adopt?
At this time, there are no babies in the permanent custody of CCDJFS that are available for adoption. There are times that babies do become available for adoption. Typically, if a baby does become available for adoption and relative options have been exhausted, the foster home will adopt.