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Columbiana County Department of Job & Family Services, located at:   7989 Dickey Drive, Suite 2, Lisbon, Ohio 44432

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Assistance Programs Division


Automated Attendant: 330-424-1471 | Toll Free: 888-926-9675 | Fax: 330-424-0925

Please Note: In order to better serve you, the Food, Cash, Child Care and Medical Assistance Programs do not take calls on Wednesdays from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. so they can focus on completing case work without any interruptions.

IM (Income Maintenance) Administration

Luann Dunham - Administrator: 330-420-6500 (direct line)

IM Training / Clerical

Brandy Davis - Supervisor: 330-420-6515 (direct line)

IM OWF Ohio Works First

Melissa Jackson- Supervisor: 330-420-6530 (direct line)

IM Nursing Home (LTC) / Benefit Recovery / NET

Janeen Myers - Supervisor:  330-420-6520 (direct line)

IM Central Bank

Joni Bergert - Supervisor: 330-420-6540 (direct line)

IM Central Bank

Marla Miller - Supervisor:  330-420-6550 (direct line)

IM Central Bank / Prevention, Retention & Contingency (PRC) 

Megan Cowden - Supervisor:  330-420-6560 (direct line)

Child Support Division


Automated Attendant: 330-424-7781 | Toll Free: 800-353-0125 | Fax: 330-420-2106

Please Note: In order to better serve you, Case Managers do not take calls on Wednesdays so they can focus on completing case work uninterrupted.

CSEA Administration

Debbie Kempers - Administrator: 330-420-6570 (direct line)

CSEA Establishment

Ruth Rusnak - Supervisor: 330-420-6580 (direct line)

CSEA Enforcement & Modification

Doreen Taylor - Supervisor: 330-420-6590 (direct line)

CSEA Clerical & Training

Zerak Shoff - Supervisor: 330-420-6578 (direct line)

Children Services Division


Automated Attendant: 330-420-6600
Help Number (County Sheriff's Office): 330-424-5715 | Fax: 330-424-0931

Social Services Administration

Erin Stauffer - Administrator: 330-420-6610 (direct line)

Children Services Clerical Unit

Carrie Booth - Supervisor: 330-420-6620 (direct line)

Children Services Intake Unit

Stacy Lenton - Supervisor: 330-420-6650 (direct line)

Children Services Resource Unit

Shanon Willaman - Supervisor: 330-420-6640 (direct line)

Children Services Ongoing Unit

Katy Sudol - Supervisor330-420-6630 (direct line)

Administrative Office Division


Automated Attendant: 330-424-1475

CCDJFS Administration

Rachel Ketterman - Interim Director: 330-420-6690 (direct line) | Fax: 330-424-1470

                                - Deputy Director: 330-420-6670 (direct line)

Human Resources Department

Jill Jurjavcic - HR Administrator: 330-420-6660 (direct line) | Fax: 330-424-1477

Business Office

Teri Takach - Supervisor: 330-420-6680 (direct line)